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New Trash Collection Schedule

Dear Resident/Property Owner,

Due to drastic decreases in State and Local Aid, City administration must look for every area to trim costs and meet budgetary constraints. Unfortunately, some of these hard choices fall into the area of City services. As one component in the City's plan to cut budget expenditures, the City of South Amboy will revert to one (1) time per week trash pickup effective September 7 th , 2010.

Please refer to the trash collection map which outlines the areas to be collected each day.

Recycling pick up dates will remain the same, as will the procedure for pickup of all Bulk items.

If you are in need of a bulk pickup (appliances, furniture, etc.) you will need to contact the Department of Public Works at 732.721.8100 to schedule the pickup. No more than four (4) items are to placed at the curb at any time and may not be placed for pickup prior to 6pm on the evening before the scheduled pickup date.

Any items placed curbside without authorization from the Department of Public Works will not be collected and may result in fines being assessed under applicable City Ordinances.


Please pass this information on to your tenants .

Any infractions with regard to items left curbside are ultimately the responsibility of the property owner. This includes bulk items left curbside when there is a change in tenancy.

The property owner may be billed by the City for removal of such items when the procedure above is not followed.

Trash Collection Schedule

Download Trash Collection Schedule Map - PDF